Aug 21, 2010

F. A. Q.

Why is IGUANA going ‘paid’?
» I have seen several of my picks stolen by other tipping sites, free and paid (sometimes copy/pasted, sometimes just with the ideas reformulated), without any credit given to me. And I can’t agree to other people making a profit out of this, in such an immoral way.

Why should I choose IGUANA’s service?
» You can bet on my picks on better odds than before, since they will no longer be public. Last week, a match went down from 2.62 to 2.10, in just 2 hours after I posted the pick, and I’m sure many of you found it with the odds slashed, and without any value.
» Good odds can be found for most South American matches, as bookies are slower to react than in the major European leagues.
» I have good sources and info on the leagues that I provide, and you can be sure you’ll always receive the best possible picks for the day, which won’t be available anywhere else.

Is IGUANA trustworthy?
» I am a long time member and contributor to the Betting Advice forum, and recently have been made Moderator and Main Page tipster. So if the Site Admins trusted me, so can you.

Is IGUANA capable?
» I like to think the answer is ‘yes’. In case you are not familiar with me, you can always check the threads in the South American sub-forum on the BA forum, the BA Main Page (although I have been active there only a short period of time), or the Tipster Stats on Betrush.

Now, for the compulsory questions:
What kind of service are you offering?
» Paid service. You will receive 15-25 picks per month, via e-mail. The blog will be used only for keeping track of the bets, and for statistical purpose. To avoid cheating accusations, the picks will be written on the blog at the same time as they will be sent, but will be auto-posted only at the HT of the respective match. Plus, of course, the BA surveillance team will also receive the picks at the same time as the costumers.

What kind of tips are given (sports, odds)?
» Only soccer tips will be given, form South and Central America. 1X2, Asian/European handicaps, over/unders, mostly for the leagues of Peru and Ecuador, but other leagues will also be active (Paraguay, Argentina, Mexico, etc). Odds will mostly range from 1.60 to 3, and I will use bookmakers that usually have a good offer on these leagues (bet365, Sbobet, 12bet, 188bet), and the odds for my picks will be the average ones found in the aforementioned bookmakers.

Will (extensive) analysis be given or are it plain picks?
» Only picks with analysis will be given, so that everyone will know who are they betting on, and why.

What is the price you are charging?
» The regular price will be 50 euros/month, but people subscribing for September will have a special offer of 30 euros for the respective month, as well as the same price of 30 euros for the month of October (available only for those subscribing for September). Month without a profit will result either in money back or the following month free of charge (depending on everyone's choice, but hopefully, that won’t be the case for anybody). Money will be sent via Moneybookers.

The service will become operational in 2 weeks time, on the 4th of September, so there's enough time to subscribe. Please note that the blog is only temporary, with a website due to be fully functional shortly, and hopefully, this will be part of a bigger project.