Jan 11, 2012

Racing Club - Estudiantes

Argentina, Torneo de Verano

The Argentinian Torneos de Verano are about to start, and this is always an entertaining moment for the supporters. The teams, however, all have different objectives. Some of them want to test some young players that don't usually have the chance to play too much, while other teams think about the fans, and want to give them some joy in the summer time. And for this match we have exactly such teams. Estudiantes finished a poor Apertura tournament, so apparently giving their best in some friendly matches isn't their top priority. They have selected only 18 players for this match, most of them from the second and the youth squad, with only 4 players from the first squad (Nelson Benitez, Leandro Benitez, Matias Sanchez and Dominguez). Meanwhile, Racing looks more interested in winning this match, so they have called-up on 20 players, most of them being regulars. And from what looks like it will be the starting 11, we can see a very strong offensive trio, with Hauche and Teofilo Gutierrez up front, supported by the skilfull Giovanni Moreno. Sensible difference in quality between these two teams, and I feel the win should go to Racing. GL!

Racing (-0.25) @ 1.84, 2/10
Result: 1-1, HALF-LOST