Jan 19, 2011

Racing Club - River Plate

Argentina Copa Ciudad de Mar de Plata -Torneo de Verano

Racing has to move on from the tragedy that struck them last week, and from the spanking that Estudiantes gave them in their first match (although they were using youngsters for that match). Nothing is certain for this match against River, but it looks very likely that Racing's coach will use the regulars. That means that Moreno, Luguercio and Hauche will form the offensive trio, and they are often deadly when it comes to it. Meanwhile, River will use a mixed team, with the majority consisting of reserve players. Only one player in every section will be a regular and an experienced player, otherwise just the ones that didn't feature regularly in the Apertura. Moreover, in defense will start for the first time a 17 year old player, and it will be interesting to see how well he copes with the pressure of facing some great offensive players. River are also going to play against Boca on Saturday, and most of their focus should be there. The Torneo de Verano Cups have always been a secondary objective for River, as the only thing that counts for them is to win Copa Desafio and Copa Revancha, both played against Boca. Racing should be well motivated to win in the memory of their physio, so I'm counting on them to do the job. GL!

Racing DNB @ 1.78, 4/10
Result: 3-1, WON

Jan 17, 2011

Peru U20 - Chile U20

Sudamericano U20

Just a small bet here. Peru is the host, and that should give them a nice advantage here. They will have the largest supporters group, and they also had a lot of time to prepare for this match. And physical preparation should be a key factor here, especially since they will play in Arequipa, a town situated at more than 2000 meters of altitude. The Chileans traveled to the spot much later than the Peruvians, so I guess they could very well have some problems at that altitude. Now, regarding the squads of these teams, I'm again giving Peru an advantage. Although no name is big enough to be heard overseas, they have some really talented and promising youngsters. Worth mentioning are the midfielder Christian Cueva from San Martin, who made a very good season in 2010, helping his team win the title. Another important player could be Joazhino Arroe, who is registered with Siena from Italy. Meanwhile, Chile's squad seem much weaker, with very few promising players, most of them taken from the lower-profile teams (some even from the lower divisions). So, with all this factors (better squad, high altitude, host country), Peru looks like a serious contender for the Final Group, and since they are in the so-called group of death, a good start will be the key. I see the odds a bit too high on them, so I'm willing to risk a few units. GL!

Peru (-0.25 AH) @ 2.00, 3/10
Result: 0-2, LOST