Aug 5, 2012

Sol de America - Rubio Nu

Paraguay Primera Division, Clausura

I like this increase in the odds quite a lot. If we take an overall look at these two teams, I think it is clearly that Sol has a better team than Rubio. They were fighting for a better position in the top half of the table for almost the entire Apertura, finishing on 4th place, while Rubio were struggling constantly, and only finished the tournament on 11th place. And from what we've seen in the first round of Clausura, things didn't change too much, and if they did, it was for the worse. Rubio lost at home, 0-3 against Olimpia, and while no one expected too much from them in that match, it was a very poor performance... maybe even poorer than in the Apertura. Meanwhile, Sol de America had a tough encounter with Carapegua, and were able to snatch a point. So today they should have the better morale on the field, and I'm sure they'll push for the 3 points. They also have an advantage against Rubio when it comes to head-to-head results, as they've already beaten them twice this season, with an aggregate of 5-0. So I'm expecting another relatively easy win, and I'm going with higher stakes, due to the increase in the odds, which gives us quite a nice value. GL!

Sol (-0.75 AH) @ 2.10, 4/10
Result: 1-1, LOST